Desktop computer upgrades

In most cases, desktop computers can be upgraded. We can upgrade RAM memory, central processing unit, graphics card or even storage.

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Upgrade your desktop PC

Want to get a few more years out of your computer? Don't buy a new PC yet. Call the experts at Computer Genie on 01252 759 716 to help you determine the right upgrade path so that you can save money.

RAM memory upgrades

With more demanding apps and games, a RAM upgrade is the most economical way to make your computer more capable. Don't get confused about the RAM speeds and clock times. Give us a quick call to find a compatible one.

CPU processor upgrades

The Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer and in most cases motherboard will support a new generation CPU. To find out which processor is compatible with your current board ask our experts and find out the cost of a new CPU.

Graphics card upgrades

A good graphics card can be a bit pricey, so ask our Genie experts about the best compatible card for your current PC. It could make a big difference in your gaming experience and we might even save you some cash by picking the right one.

motherboard with cpu cooler and ram memory
Gaming computer
Upgrade your game
  • Shorter loading times - An SSD is fast but NVME M.2 is way faster! Plus the new Windows 11 has direct storage game support.
  • More FPS - Better graphics card means higher in-game FPS. But do you have the CPU to match up your new card?
  • Better cooling - Get your gaming computer deep cleaned and cooling system up to scratch to match your new hardware. Don't run the risk of overheating your new PC.

Years of experience building and upgrading computers

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