Blue screen of death Windows 10 repair

During computer startup, you are presented with a blue screen with an error. Restart or auto-repair does not work and you are stuck. Probably terrified. But fear not! Computer Genie can help fix your Windows startup problems and get you back on track.

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Next day BSOD error repair

Call Computer Genie on 01252 759 716 to arrange your laptop repair.

Windows startup errors

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is usually presented during the computer startup and cannot be bypassed, rendering the device inoperable.

Faulty hardware

In most cases, BSOD is caused by faulty hardware. Our technicians will run diagnostics to find out and replace the broken part as quickly as possible.

Broken Windows updates

Often BSOD is caused by failed Windows updates. Part of Windows needed to start your PC might have been overwritten or file corrupted. We'll fix that.

motherboard with cpu cooler and ram memory
BSOD startup error
Your computer is not dead and can be fixed
  • Hard drive - is a common culprit. A windows reinstall can solve the problem or alternatively your HDD needs to be upgraded. But why not upgrade your old drive to a new and faster SSD?
  • Malware infection - If your computer has been infected you could see strange startup behaviour. Let our experts investigate the problem and see if your computer is infected.
  • Windows upgrades - Or perhaps and upgrade to Windows 11 didn't go according to plan. We'll make the upgrade step easier.

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Fast and local computer repair service

Leave complicated software issues to our skilled and local professional computer repair experts.

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    Drop off your device
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    Fixing BSOD error
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    Your device is ready!
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Get a professional support to fix blue screen Windows startup errors

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