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Are you stressing you out because your computer started running slow? Did you crack your laptop screen and worry you need to buy a new laptop? Has your iMac developed a screen ghosting issue? Computer Genie can solve all your computer, laptop or Apple problems. Call or email us to book your investigation. you can drop it off to us in Bagshot or better yet we can come and collect.

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Honest laptop and PC repair services in Woking


Fault investigations

Our investigation costs only £65 and we will diagnose the problem and let you know how to fix it and how much it will cost. There's no obligation for you to go ahead with the repairs.


Fast repairs

Most of our customers need their laptops or desktop computers for work or their kids' homework, so they need to be fixed fast. We aim to fix most issues the same day or within 24 hours.


Can't fix, no fee

If, for any reason, we can't fix your laptop, desktop or iMac computer, we will not charge you anything. With us, you don't pay anything in advance, so there are no complicated refunds.

Highly skilled laptop and computer repairs in Woking

Nothing happens when I turn on my computer or laptop

No worries, that's the most common issue we deal with, and although it's not always straightforward to fix, it can be fixed in most cases.

My Windows updates are stuck, and I can't use my PC

Every time Windows releases a new update, we see a surge in investigation bookings because there are problems with stuck updates or not being able to update at all.

My laptop or computer is painfully slow

We can imagine how frustrating that can be. Older laptops and PCs get slower over time because of the old mechanical hard drives. We can upgrade it to a faster, modern one.

My laptop battery doesn't hold charge

Most likely, it's time to get a new laptop battery because they last about two years. Or it could be a faulty battery charger. We can let you know.

Can you save my precious photos?

The answer is yes! Well, in 9 out of 10 cases, we can save your photos and documents from an old hard drive. But if your hard drive is corrupted, then we may not be successful.

I broke my laptop screen and hinges too

Did you know that we can replace laptop screens, bezels, hinges and top covers? Whichever part of your laptop screen is broken, it can be fixed.

I want to throw away my old PC or laptop

You can easily recycle your old laptop, desktop computer or iMac by dropping it off at our office at GU12 5SG. We will destroy your personal data and dispose of the device.

Is your computer infected

If you think your computer might be infected don't hessitate to call our number 01252 759 716 to arrange help from our technician in Woking. We also offer on site fix!

My desktop computer has lots of dust inside

Let us deep clean your laptop or desktop computer by taking it apart and vacuuming all the dust, even repasting the processor, then putting it all together again.

Let's fix your PC or laptop.
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Woking PC, Mac and laptop repairs

Repairing all laptop brands

Fast laptop and computer fix in Woking

When you need to find a professional computer and laptop repair company near Woking that's easy and fast to deal with, call Computer Genie. Our priority is to fix your laptop or computer on the same day.

  1. Step 1:
    Drop off your device
  2. Step 2:
    Fault investigation
  3. Step 3:
    Repairing your device
  4. Step 4:
    Your device is fixed!
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Are you looking for computer repair near Woking?

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Computer Genie offers pickup and drop-off computer repair service in Woking. If you can't find a reliable and honest laptop and computer repair company in Woking, you can contact us and drop off your laptop or PC to us for a fault investigation.
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