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Is your laptop or desktop computer running slow or overheating? Would you like a professional to replace your broken laptop screen or upgrade your iMac? There's only one place to call - The Computer Genie.

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Fast laptop and PC repairs near Alton


Free investigations

When your laptop or PC is not working as it should we need to find out why. That's where our free investigation comes in, we take the device apart to see what is causing the issue. Then we can let you know how to fix it and how much it would cost.


Fast repairs

Most of our customers need their laptops for work so having it fixed as soon as possible is important. We understand that and always aim to fix your laptop or PC within 24 hours. If we need to order a new screen or other parts then it may take a few days.


No fix, no fee

In 99.9% of cases we can fix your laptop or desktop PC but there are some devices that can't be fixed. That's why we don't charge you anything if we can't fix your device. So there's no risk for you when using The Computer Genie.

Affordable computer repairs near Alton

Fixing slow laptops and PCs

We've all been there, your computer or laptop runs so slow you want to tear your hair out. Don't despair because we can speed up your laptop or desktop PC by upgrading the old mechanical hard drive (HDD) for a much faster SSD.

Updating Windows and macOS

Are you not confident to update your Windows or macOS and would like a professional help? Call The Computer Genie and we can update your Windows or even reinstall it, if needed.

Replacing laptop screens

Did you crack your laptop screen or did it develop glitches? We can order new LCD screens and replace the same day we receive the part.

Free PC and laptop recycling

Are you concious about the environment? Would you like to recycle your old PC or laptop for free? Just drop it off at our HQ and we will take the apart, recycle and destroy your data.

Upgrading HDD to SSD

When you have an old mechanical hard drive (HDD) you can notice a slow down of your laptop or PC after a few years or even clicking noises. That's when you should contact The Computer Genie so we can install a new Solid State Drive (SSD). It's 10 times faster than HDD and even your older laptop can be faster.

Recovering your data

When your computer doesn't start and can't be fixed there's still one thing we can do for you. Save your music, documents and pictures. Because we understand how precious they are for you.

Operating system reinstall

In some cases, to fix your laptop or desktop computer we need to reistall Windows. We can recover your Windows license from your hard drive but if we can't then we can supply you a new one.

Speeding up your console

Did you notice your Xbox One or PS4 running slow, games taking forever to load? We know how that feels! Get in touch so we can speed up your console by upgrading the hard drive.

Deep cleaning and repasting

Dusty desktop PC or laptop is not good news. Dust collect moisture which could short-circuit parts inside. Get your PC or laptop cleaned regularly to prevent any damage.

Let's fix your Macbook, PC or laptop.
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Desktop and laptop repairs and upgrades near Alton

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Reliable PC, laptop and Mac fixes near Alton

Next time you have a problem with your Macbook, laptop or desktop computer and want to find a reliable and honest repair company near Alton call The Computer Genie.

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    Drop off your device
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    Free investigation
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    Repairing your device
  4. Step 4:
    Your device is fixed!
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In need of professional computer repair service near Alton?

Our HQ is in Ash Vale GU12 5SG, just 30 minute drive from Alton. When you need help with your laptop or PC there's no one better than The Computer Genie.
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