Home-based computer repair business for sale

Great news! Your local desktop and laptop repair shop Computer Genie is for sale. You can add a new revenue stream to your existing business or start your new venture. Work comfortably from your own home and build upon our marketing.

I'm interested
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Domestic and business customers

Home-based and relocatable

We cover mostly Surrey and Hampshire area, and the business can be easily relocated to your desired location.

Established local reputation

It took us some time to build up such an excellent reputation with 120+ five star reviews on Google and Facebook.

New and repeating business

We have a measurable repeated business among business and domestic customers with strong referrals.

You can start tomorrow
What's included with the business sale:
  • 1x website for laptop and PC repair service thecomputergenie.co.uk
  • 1x website for gaming PC build service custompcgenie.co.uk
  • 1x website for laptop and PC recycling recyclegenie.co.uk
  • Facebook profiles with reviews and activity
  • Instagram profiles with activity
  • Google my business profile with 120+ five star reviews!
  • Local listings in directories
  • All graphics, logo etc.
  • SIM card with a phone number associated with the business (or we can change the number to yours)
  • Sumup device for taking card payments
  • Spreadsheet with details of all customers (over 300 completed jobs), contact details, location, how they first contacted us, what we did and the cost/profit

Want to buy established PC repair business?

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Want to start your own computer repair business?

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